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We grow our mushrooms using pecan wood pruned from trees in our valley, and other agricultural by-products as part of our substrate. After harvest, we transform our Spent Mushroom Substrate into compost, to reintroduce it to the soil closing a FULL CIRCLE in our growing process.

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Grown in a controlled environment, our SPECIALTY MUSHROOMS are here to bring a taste of forest to your table. Hand-picked with love and care, all year round!

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I didn't know how much I loved mushrooms until I had mushrooms from Full Circle. Now I find myself ordering almost every week, they've become a staple. I order through Instagram, pay through PayPal, and the mushrooms are delivered fresh to my door. Customer service, and response time are amazing.

Brooke Ratje

This is THE best local place to get THE most amazing mushrooms! From Lion's Manes to Black Pearl's and Oyster Mushrooms, they are truly the best, growing the freshest, biggest and most delicious mushrooms in all of El Paso and Las Cruces!! And they deliver! Wouldn't get them from anywhere else!

sheps dino world

The ladies at Full Circle provide a great product at reasonable prices. We've purchased their mushrooms a few times from the Las Cruces Famers' Market and each time they're very helpful with recipes and different ideas on what to do with their amazing selection of mushrooms.

Nick Sterna

In love with your mushrooms <3 Thank you,

-Mrs. Robinsons__