Frequently Asked Questions

Are these mushrooms edible?
Basically yes, all the mushrooms we sell are edible. We will be incorporating other types of mushrooms such as Reishi that have no culinary value and are instead made into teas or tinctures that are consumed for medicinal purposes.

Where can I find Mushrooms from Full Circle?
Go to our “Where to find us” page! You’ll find all the information you need. 

How do I place an order?
On our website www.fullcirclemushrooms.com go to the “Shop” menu. Once you choose the kind and amount of mushroom you like, choose your pick up location. Orders close Thursdays at 5:00pm. Pick up schedule starts at 1:00pm and ends depending on the pick up location you chose. Generally speaking it goes from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.

How do I store my fresh mushrooms?
The short answer is in a paper bag, or in the compostable package we offer in your refrigerator. For more information, check out our blog: Storing mushrooms.

Can I freeze mushrooms?
You should only freeze them once cooked. Mushrooms contain a lot of water in their cells, meaning  they’re likely to be mushy in texture when defrosted.

What does this mushroom taste like?
There are many different species of edible mushrooms and each species has distinct flavors and textures! Read more about the different mushrooms we grow on our blog 

How do I cook these mushrooms?
The best part about mushrooms is that they go with SO MANY kinds of dishes. Mushrooms complement almost any everyday meal, they are versatile and even act as a meat replacement for their texture — from appetizers and salads to main dishes and sides, mushrooms can be enjoyed in so many ways. 
Sear mushrooms for a more intense roasted, charred and smoky flavor and overall aroma. Roast mushrooms to get more sweet, salty and umami tastes with caramelized, nutty and buttery flavors.
They go well in tacos, soups, stews, stir fries, the list goes on.
We are trying our best to keep our website updated with more recipes for you (bear with us!) In the meantime, you can check out our instagram stories for recipes, also sites such as pinterest have a lot of mushroom recipes to follow. 

How long does dried mushrooms keep?
We recommend storing dried mushrooms in the freezer in a sealed, airtight bag where they will keep for at least 1 year. After this point they can start to lose flavor, just like spices and dried herbs.

Are mushrooms good for my health?
Mushrooms are full of nutritional benefits. Some of them include the following:

  • Mushrooms are naturally low in sodium plus their umami counter-balances saltiness so less salt can be used in a dish without compromising flavor.
  • Meaty mushrooms are low in calories, fat-free and can be a delicious substitute for higher-calorie ingredients.
    Do you sell psilocybin or other psychoactive mushrooms or their spores?
    No. It is illegal to sell psilocybin mushrooms or their spores in the United States.

    Do you deliver?
    We deliver in the El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM area. We also reach other markets in Santa Fe and Albuquerque through distributors. For more information please contact us info@fullcirclemushrooms.com

    Do you sell wholesale?
    Yes. Full Circle Mushrooms are served at some of the finest restaurants in the El Paso and New Mexico area. To request a wholesale account please contact us info@fullcirclemushrooms.com