So, now you've decided to finally buy specialty mushrooms. You get home after grocery shopping, look at what you just brought and the question pops-up in our head:

How do I store them? How long do they last? 

Before you enter in panic, take some time to read this post. We chose the methods that here, at Full Circle Mushrooms prefer and recommend. There are many different techniques and opinions, but this is what we recommend. 

Buckle up, and get read to learn. This is our compilation of "Storing mushrooms" part 1.


Why in the fridge and not room temperature?

Mushrooms contain anywhere between 70 % - 90% water. Also Mushrooms have the potential to keep on growing even after they have been picked.

Given these two facts, here's why we need to keep them cool.

Storing at room temperature the fibres- hyphae will continue growing and then eventually break down. 

By refrigerating your mushrooms it cools down, slowing the metabolism. This will stop or at least significantly slow down the growth and eventual death of the mushrooms. Keeping them good to eat for up to 7 days.

Packaged Mushrooms

Dealing with freshly packaged mushrooms is super simple in our recycled cardboard, vented containers. 

Unpackaged Mushrooms

For storage of loose mushrooms they’re many methods. Some swear by wrapping them in a damp cloth whilst others prefer the paper bag method. We will run through multiple popular methods that you can utilise.

Paper Bag

By far our most recommended method. When storing in a paper bag we will need to make a few little holes and leave the top open too. This allows for air to fully circulate and lets the mushrooms breathe.

1. Make sure your mushrooms have been cleaned and are ready to be stored. Our mushrooms are cultivated indoors, therefore usually no cleaning is required. . If you decide to, use a damp cloth.

2. Pierce a few holes in your paper bag, a pen is ideal for this

3. Place your mushrooms inside the bag

4. Place in the fridge

5. They should keep for 7 days


Damp Kitchen Paper Or Cloth

You will need kitchen paper or a cloth. They both have little holes which allows the mushrooms to breathe fully. This is important so they don’t become soggy or mushy.

Also make sure they’re a little bit damp so the mushrooms don’t dry out when stored in the fridge.

1. Make sure that your mushrooms have been cleaned and are ready to be stored

2. Damp a cloth or kitchen paper towel

3. Wrap your mushrooms up inside your towel so they’re fully covered

4. Place in fridge

5. They should keep fresh for 7 days



Thanks to Susan Grey for putting this together. Credits and much more information :


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